Merel bechtold new endorsee

It’s with great pride that we announce our endorsement of Merel Bechtold. She has earned her stripes playing guitar for DelainThe Gentle StormMaYaN and Purest of Pain. Merel is currently touring Canada and the USA with Delain, playing a sevenstring Magistra live for the first time in Toronto tonight.

“I never heard of VanderMeij Guitars before, but was immediately impressed when I looked up pictures and just had to give them a try”, Merel tells. “Besides the supersexy looks of the guitars, they’re exactly what I am looking for in terms of feel, stability and sound. I tested two Magistras in Hedon, Zwolle, with Delain and these guitars turned out to be perfect for what I’m doing now.”

Picture by Jimmy Israël, Schiet7Kleuren

'VanderMeij Guitars blew me away from the first second I saw and played them. They are superbeautiful, perfect in every detail and they sound and play great. Speaking about guitars...'



'VanderMeij Guitars stands for true craftsmanship. The sound, playability, materials, appearcance and esthetics. All these elements are the best of the best! It's a great honour to play on a guitar of this quality.'



'Koen is a true artist! He knows how to make THE killer axe. Not only does he make the most beautiful guitars, playing and hearing his guitars is like a dream come true.'